Our Staff


Over the last few years, Event Paramedics has been constantly recruiting. In addition to our full time staff core we have a team of 80 contracted paramedics, technicians, and Emergency Care Assistants as well as Doctor, Nursing and Emergency Care Practitioner staff. Every staff member is important to us, and that is why we do our best to offer them the best facilities in the industry.


All of our staff are fully qualified. Below are just some of the establishments with which our employees hold qualifications.















Director Profiles

Rick PlayerRick Player

Managing Director

Rick grew up with a business background, his parents and siblings being successful entrepreneurs, company directors and professionals whilst he was still young.


Rick's childhood afforded him unusual and exciting opportunities and he has capitalised on these initial advantages with a very strong work ethic, and a fierce determination to succeed in his own right.  A 12-year period in the USA saw him quickly achieve a successful career as a commercial helicopter pilot and even some celebrity status on TV and radio as 'CBS Television Eye In The Sky'.  However, he found the most rewarding aspect of his career at the time to be flying for Helicopter Emergency Medical Service operations (HEMS).


His growing commitment to medical work spurred him to seek and achieve qualification himself as a paramedic and, due to the nature of calls allocated to emergency medical helicopter operations, he rapidly gained significant experience in dealing with the most critically ill patients, often in the most demanding circumstances.  His USA qualifications were ratified by the UK Health Professions Council in 2005 and he received his UK State Registered Paramedic (HPC) certification in April of 2006.  PA19759.
On returning to Britain, Rick established and ran a CAA approved Airline Pilot Training College, a growing company until "911" decimated the airline pilot training industry overnight. His flying achievements were formally recognised by The Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators (GAPAN) and he was elected by vote to be an Upper Freeman of the Guild.  In September 2000, he was invited to sit as an independent Guild assessor on the Pilot Selection Committee at RAF Cranwell. Rick remains an elected Upper Freeman of the Guild, and still holds his commercial pilot's licence and (CFI) flight instructor's certificate.


Combining knowledge, insight and expertise from his varied experience, Rick has built Event Paramedics Ltd from scratch.  The company has since added some talented Directors and Senior Managers and continues to grow, substantially increasing its turnover yearly since inception.
Of his company, he states:-


 "The company's success is largely down to the people we employ.  I would like to think I am a good Paramedic, but we employ THE BEST Paramedics and Technicians. These folks leave me awestruck every single day. Their skill, intelligence, sense of humour, and devotion to their patients, the lives they save without any expectation of praise or further reward, is simply amazing.  I have a lot to live up to as Managing Director".

Sam EdmundsSam Edmunds

Director (currently on sabbatical)

Sam has been with Event Paramedics Ltd since the birth of the company in 2004. Since then, he has progressed through his ‘First Aid at Work’ training, spent a further eighteen months as a student emergency medical technician working under the tutelage of some of our most experienced Paramedics, ECPs and Technicians, and became fully qualified as an Emergency Medical Technician in his own right in October 2005. While taking the above in his stride, he continued to work tirelessly for the company in all other aspects of our day-to-day operation. He has jumped at every chance to extend his skills, consistently proving his worth to the company and helping to foster a fantastic relationship with our clients. Sam was appointed a director of the company in 2008.

"I love working for Event Paramedics and the work I do, both office based and clinically, it gives me a great sense of pride. I am happiest when I know that our patients, their families, our clients and staff, all feel that we have delivered an optimum service at a critical time of need".

Malcolm HuntMalcolm Hunt

Financial Director

Malcolm has been Company Secretary of Event Paramedics Limited since its inception, being responsible for developing and overseeing the accounting systems that are needed for a growing business and dealing with procedures that are required by Companies House and the Inland Revenue. 

During November 2008 Malcolm became Financial Director to assist the Managing Director with the increased financial demands that are necessary as the company continues to grow, with Sam Edmunds taking the role of Accounts Manager to deal with the day to day running of the accounts department.

Malcolm qualified as a Senior Accounting Technician in 1980, having spent several years working in practice, while attending college before moving into a family engineering business as Finance Manager in 1986. 

Malcolm has the business training that is essential to a successful company, his experience being enhanced as auditor to several local organisations including his Parish Council. He is also a Trustee, Chairman, and financial advisor to a number of other organisations at a senior level.