A Brief History




Event Paramedics was formed originally as a ‘Sole Trader’ organisation by Rick Player in 2002 and then registered as a limited company in 2004. As a Paramedic, Rick was shocked by the low standards and dubious ethics of many private UK ambulance providers operating at that time.  He believed that a desire to make a fast profit seemed to outweigh the conscience and duty of care of many of these ‘ambulance services’ and he became determined to redress this balance.


Matters have since greatly improved with the creation of the Health and Care Professions Council in 2006 (regulating Paramedics and other Health Care Professionals) and latterly the Care Quality Commission (CQC) being enacted to regulate all ambulance services, both NHS and private. Event Paramedics Ltd were proactive in encouraging this legislation and were one of the first UK private ambulance services to be registered.


Now in our thirteenth year of operation the company continues to provide advanced medical services at events throughout the UK and Europe working for numerous household name companies and festival organisers such as the Secret Garden Party, 30,000 attendance. We are also on the framework of numerous NHS Ambulance Trusts to provide support to the public 999 emergency network and provide patient transport services.