Event / Site Medical Cover

You may be planning a small family fun day in Luton, a school trip to Paris or project managing a concert for a household name act in Birmingham! Whether you have a crowd of 25, or 25,000, the answer is still the same, yes we can!

Our recent engagements have included events as diverse as covering a local gymkhana, to providing the medical cover for Lionel Richie and the English Test Cricket matches. You may wish to browse our ‘valued clients’ section of the website as it highlights just some of the many customers and activities we cover.  We use the same experienced staff on our events teams as we do for our NHS 999 work, so you can rest assured that the medical services we provide to you will be of the highest possible calibre. We have a fleet of ambulances, rapid response vehicles, and portable medical centres to support our event activities.

Where required for larger events, we can also provide site risk assessments and liaise professionally with NHS Emergency Planning Officers and local councils to assist you in obtaining your event licence.   

Our wide staff skills base allows us to undertake other more unusual missions. We regularly provide Emergency Care Practitioners (an ECP is an extended trained Paramedic) for residential summer camps and other activities both in the UK and overseas. An ECP is not only an expert in emergency care, but is also qualified to provide some of the primary health care services, such as prescribing broad-spectrum antibiotics etc.


We also supply medics for long-term engagements such as cover for building sites, or television series where they may be at your location for several months.

Please do get in touch and we will be happy to discuss your needs. rick@eventparamedics.co.uk (01480) 457404