Emergency & Patient Transport Contracts (NHS)


999Our NHS contracts task us to provide experienced Paramedics, Technicians and Emergency Care Assistants in our own fleet of modern (all less than 7 years old) Double Staffed Ambulances (DSA’s) and Rapid Response Vehicles (RRV’s)

999 We have been providing these services to the NHS since 2006, and our conscientiousness in selecting only the most suitably experienced and motivated medical staff and management teams, supplied with the best possible equipment, has paid off. Our mission from the outset was to not focus on ‘financial margins’ but to establish and maintain the highest quality service to both patients, and the ambulance service trusts with whom we work. We have developed what we believe to be a unique system in the way we operate our NHS contracts, and this seems to have addressed many previous concerns about the private provider / NHS relationship in the context of emergency support and patient transport services work.   

Our efforts in this area have now been formally recognised and substantiated by way of highly positive data and feedback produced independently by the NHS, after closely monitoring and evaluating our performance over an extended period.

If you are reading this page as a representative from an interested NHS Ambulance Service Trust, we would be delighted to explain why we are different, and how we can help.